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2022 Tour Programme

Our 2022 tours are operating as normal, they are not affected by the admin difficulties we have experienced and which have now been rectified, we are already working on our tour programme for 2023.  You can book in confidence that 2022 tours will go ‘as advertised’.

USA - Red Flag,
NAF El Centro Airshow;
MCAS Miramar, NAS North Island,
MCAS Yuma & NAF El Centro (219)

6th - 17th March

Following our very popular and successful Red Flag tours in July 2015 and 2017, we have received many requests for an opportunity to go to one of the Red and Green Flags which include overseas air forces participating, in addition to American military air assets. This tour includes Red Flag 22-2.


Superb ‘top shot’ photos like this can be taken from the outside the speedway circuit on ‘final’ to Nellis’ runway. Or at the end of East Cheyenne Avenue. As of October 2021, details of foreign and US participating units have not yet been released.


We start in California, in San Diego, home of Naval Air Station North Island, followed by Naval Air Facility (NAF) El Centro before crossing over into Arizona and MCAS Yuma. We attend NAF El Centro’s annual airshow and, on the previous day, “Arrivals Day” for MCAS Yuma’s airshow!

USA - Alaska - Grand Aviation Tour (201)

4th - 17th May

In response to many requests, we have no hesitation in offering another tour to beautiful Alaska, based on our incredibly successful, previous tours. We go in May when the daytime lasts for some 16 hours, so you can still be taking photos near midnight!


With a decreasing number of propliners balanced against the ever-increasing cost of flights and hotels, we do not see a future tour being within range of the average enthusiast; therefore, we doubt we will be returning to Alaska for this purpose. We do believe however, that there are sufficient numbers of enthusiasts to make the long and expensive journey worthwhile this one last time.


In addition to propliners and airliners, the itinerary also includes the floatplanes and general aviation areas at both Anchorage and Fairbanks International Airports; at the former, on and around Lake Hood, you have the world’s largest floatplane base! Also the large GA airfield of Merrill Field and several small airfields off the beaten track.


Among the optional sightseeing flights (TBC) are: C-117 Super Dak, Shorts Skyvan, C-53 and a glacier landing and take-off in a DH Otter! And floatplanes rides off of Lake Hood


11th - 17th May

With the NATO tiger Meet being cancelled in 2020, and Covid preventing UK enthusiasts from going to Portugal for the ‘rolled over’ Meet in 2021, it’s been a long 3 years since we last saw the Tiger squadrons.

The 2022 NTM is hosted by the Greek Air Force on Araxos AB - and we will be there.

They have announced a Spotters Day on the Friday and an airshow on the Sunday. We await details of the Spotter’s Day.

On previous NTM tours we have included a day stood outside the airbase, at the threshold of the landing runway, and we hope the Greek authorities will allow this.


There is an option on the Saturday to visit the Hellenic Air Force Museum at Tatoi.


Currently no Covid tests are required by Greece or England, before travel or after arriving back in England.

KAZAKHSTAN: KADEX Aerospace Exhibition & Airshow (217)

Cancelled due to Covid

23rd - 29th May

KADEX 2022 - the Kazakhstan Defence Expo – will be the 6th of its kind, and each event attracts more and more exhibitors and visitors - and aviation enthusiasts.


The show is held in the military area of Nur-Sultan Airport.


Expect to see Kazakhstan Air Force (KAF) aircraft both on the ground and in the air. In the past the daily airshow has included both Kazak and overseas participants.


The static display usually includes at least one example of nearly every KAF fixed and rotor-wing aircraft in their inventory, plus civil and demonstration aircraft: all were photographed. We attend all 4 days.

NORWAY - (216)

No longer available

10th - 16th June

Looking back to the beginning of Ian Allan Aviation Tours in 1999, there have been very few trips to Norway, but they all included an airshow. This tour includes the large, 2-day Stavanger Sola Airshow; 30 aircraft in the excellent Flyhistorisk Museum Sola with its latest addition, an immaculate DC-6B; the adjacent engineering school (Tiger Moth, F-5, F-104) and resident Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, Fieseler Storch and a Stearman; the 40 different types in the Norwegian Air Force Museum in Gardemoen and the National Aviation Museum in Bodo beyond the Arctic Circle! - over 40 exhibits: German and allied fighter, transport and bomber aircraft from the Second World War as well as pioneering propeller and jet aircraft. It is largest aviation museum in the 3 Nordic countries of Norway, Denmark and Finland, covering around 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq ft) with the building shaped like a huge propeller. We have asked all 3 museums to show us any aircraft currently undergoing restoration and/or in storage.

RUSSIA - Moscow Airports, Monino & AN-2 & Mil-2 Factory (202)

Cancelled due to international action

11th - 19th June

Look on Flightradar 24, or any of the other flight-monitoring websites, and you will see just how busy the airspace is in the Moscow area.  There is a steady stream of traffic going into and out of the 3 main airports of Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo 24/7, day and night.


Russia is a huge country with no less than 11 time zones, stretching east to Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean! And going back in time, on display at Vnukovo Airport is this fabulous Tupolev Tu-104 (above).


Like everywhere in the world, traffic plunged during Covid in 2020 and 2021 but now the number of flights and passengers are increasing – and in Russia at a higher rate compared to most other countries. The number of airlines serving SVO was/is 41; DME: 51; and VKO 27. A few airlines fly into one or more of the airports. But even so, there is still a lot of them and, quite a few do not fly into the UK, nor indeed, Europe. .


We spend 2 full days at al 3 airports.  Requests for going air-side will be submitted to each one, but should permission be denied we will do our photographing and/or logging at the threshold of the landing runway

GERMANY - Top Secret WWII R&D Airfields; ILA Berlin Airshow; Wehrmacht & Soviet C&C HQ Bunkers; Aviation Museums & Collections (213)

No longer available

18th - 26th June

At ILA 2016 over 200 aircraft participated, either in the static display and/or in the airshow. Our tour includes 1 day at the show, with the possibility of a second day if you wish.


And a good number of excellent aviation museums, collections and locations (some behind the old, ex ‘Iron Curtain’ in what was the GDR or East Germany), including several very famous airfields and sites of the Second World War: Rechlin, Larz, Finow and Peenemunde; the first two were Luftwaffe ‘secret’ flight-test airfields and the latter a top-secret research and development complex responsible for the V-1 and V-2 rockets! There is also a free day to enjoy as you wish.

GERMANY - ILA 2022 Airshow (214)

No longer available

23nd - 26th June

Held every 2 years, the Berlin Airshow, or ILA, was the world’s first such international aerospace exhibition and airshow and is certainly as big as the similar, well-known events held in Paris and Farnborough; and many would say that its airshow is a great deal better: a good, long crowd-line and a more exciting display with a wide range of civil and military participants.


At ILA 2016 over 200 aircraft participated, either in the static display and/or in the airshow. Pictured above is just part of the huge ILA area on the opposite side of the runway and Brandenburg Airport’s terminal building.


Our tour includes 1 (public) day at the show, with the possibility of a second (trade) day if you wish, plus: Luftfahrtmuseum Cottbus, Alliiertenmuseum, Clayallee, Luftwaffe Museum, Gatow and Maybach I, II and Zeppelin over-ground and underground bunker complex of WWII and the Cold War. And a free day in Berlin to explore and enjoy the many attractions of this vibrant and popular capital city


No longer available

28th June - 1st July

We are again including a tour to this very popular exercise “Anatolian Eagle 2022”, to the Spotter’s Day and Press Day, hosted by the Turkish Air Force (TAF) on Konya AB.


It is a fantastic event, proven by the large number of enthusiasts that go to it every year.


This exercise is always characterised by a large number of participating aircraft of the TAF and foreign visitors: in 2021 this included, pictured above, MiG-29s of the Azərbaycan Hərbi Hava Qüvvələri (Azerbaijan Air Force), the Qatar Emiri Air Force (EQAF) and the Pakistan Fiza'ya (PAF, Pakistan Air Force).


Thanks to the unprecedented hospitality of the TAF, there are many photographic opportunities. 


We await the release on their website of how many Spotter’s Days there will be. In the past there have been 1, 2 or 3! Tour will be extended as necessary.

GREECE – PHANCON 2022 (225)

4th – 7th July

If you are a Phantom Phan then this tour is for you!


The Phantom Conference was an event the F-4 Phantom II Society sponsored once a year for a worldwide gathering of F-4 enthusiasts. Aviators, maintenance personnel, support folks, hobbyists, photographers, modellers, watchers, vendors specializing in F-4 memorabilia and merchandise, etc. 


The last Phantom Conference occurred in 2016 just prior to the QF-4 retirement from service in the USAF. The Hellenic Air Force Phantom base of Andravida is the host of the first-ever European Phancon.


Pictured above is a F-4E (AUP) “Spook” of 338 MDV.


Get up close on the HASs/ramps/flightline and, near the runway for take-off and landing photo opportunities. 


We await further details of the event which will be posted on their website.


The F-4 Phantom II Society Phancon Registration Page opened on 26th March. You first have to join the Society. Then, as a member you can log in to your account, and go to the Members Only tab on the left to access the registration page. Website here .


When you have received your ‘invitation’ to Phancon 2022, only then book on the tour on our website.


Be quick – attending Phancon is exclusive to members of the Society, and tickets are capped.

USA - Oshkosh - the World's Largest Aviation Event (204)

24th July - 1st August

Due to the high demand, this tour is now full.  However, we do have a second tour -224 -  available, on the same dates, joining those already booked on tour 204.


As you would expect at the world’s largest aviation event there is a great deal to see and do and having 6 full days at the show enables you to do it at a leisurely pace.


So, what exactly is there to see? In a word “lots”! Held last year – during Covid restrictions – AirVenture 2021 still attracted hundreds of thousands of people and more than 10,000 aircraft.


We also visit the Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Factory and Museum in Milwaukee.

Tour full. Places available on Tour 224

USA - Oshkosh - Staying in Green Bay Hotel (224)

24th July - 1st August

No Covid entry requirements needed!

Due to the high demand, we only have a couple of suites left in the Horizon Village so we are now offering air-conditioned, en-suite rooms at a Best Western hotel in Green Bay. Basic Air Con and Basic Non Air Con rooms are still available at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh (Tour 204).


One of our most popular tours – that’s why we include it every year. Enjoy 6 action-packed days at the EAA’s annual AirVenture. We had over 50 bookings for our (cancelled) 2021 tour!


As you would expect at the world’s largest aviation event there is a great deal to see and do and having 6 full days at the show enables you to do it at a leisurely pace.


So, what exactly is there to see? In a word “lots”! Held last year – during Covid restrictions – AirVenture 2021 still attracted hundreds of thousands of people and more than 10,000 aircraft.


We also visit the Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Factory and Museum in Milwaukee.

RUSSIA - 'ARMY' & optional extension to Lipetsk AB (207)

Cancelled due to international action

21st - 28th August;

21st - 30th August (TBC)

‘ARMY’ is one of the world’s leading exhibitions of arms and military equipment and is a major ‘shop window’ for the huge Russian armament industry; it  features hundreds of military vehicles as well as many thousands of other items of military hardware. Biggest attraction for aviation enthusiasts and photographers is the number and different types of Russian military aircraft, large and small, fixed and rotary wing that participate in the live-firepower flying demonstrations. All fixed and rotary wing participants operate out of Kubinka AB. Different aircraft arrive/depart most days - so participating aircraft can and do change daily!


Confirmation of ARMY 2022 is awaited, and the release of the daily timetable: only then can you decide where you go each day. There are 3 ARMY sites: Kubinka Airbase; Patriots Park Expo Site; and the Alabino tank ground with live fire power demo and air show. We purposely do not stay in the centre of Moscow – with its horrendous traffic congestion: our hotel is located just over an hour’s drive from Kubinka AB and less than hour from Patriots Park (only from the Park can you enter the Alabino live-firing ground).


We see the various types of aircraft at the Kubinka Aircraft Repair Plant.


A full-day excursion to Medyn; here is a new collection of 40 classic Soviet Air Force types!


Subject to receiving permission from the authorities, we will offer an optional 48-hours extension to visit the Russian Air Force’s huge Lipetsk airbase: 2 medium-sized airfields joined together! Home to their combat training centre, similar to that of the US Air Force on Nellis AFB. We will ask for a full tour of the base and to photograph as many aircraft as possible.  There are well over 100 aircraft, many parked on the 2 runways of the old eastern airbase.

AUSTRIAAir Power 2022 (218)

31st August - 4th September

No Covid entry requirements needed!

One of the most popular airshows with UK and European aviation enthusiasts is the “Air Power” airshows, held on Zeltweg airbase in the beautiful Austrian countryside.  After a break in the event, due to Zeltweg AB being refurbished, 2019 saw a very welcome return of this favourite airshow, with over 200 aircraft participating. The Austrian Air Force were the last operators of the Draken and the sole flying example left in Europe, owned and flown by the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, (pictured above) participated in the show. We very much hope it will return in 2022! 


If this airshow is anything like its predecessors it will be fabulous – complete with the spectacular backdrop of the Austrian mountains.  


With our hotel only a short distance from Zeltweg airbase we are there for ‘Arrivals Day’ plus both days of the show.


We look around the interesting collection of aircraft in Military Aviation Museum in Hanger 8 of the Hinterstoisser Air base Zeltweg. Our visit will be on the Sunday – the day after the airshow - when it should be quiet (and no crowds?).

POLAND - Polish Air Force Airbases (220)

Cancelled due to international action

11th - 17 September (TBC)

We await a favourable reply to our request to visit the main airbases of the Polish Air Force, a tour we last did very successfully in 2018, coinciding with that year’s NATO Tiger Meet.


The 5 airbases we have asked to go on are: Minsk-Mazowiecki, Malbork, Swidwin, Poznan/Krzesiny and Lask. The first 3 are home to two very rare types of classic Soviet-era aircraft which still continue to fly in the skies of Europe – but for how much longer? - MiG-29s on Minsk and Malbork, and Su-22s on Swidwin! F-16s are based on Poznan/Krzesiny and Lask.


We have asked for the opportunity to see and photograph every aircraft on the base: on the ramps, dispersals, HASs, taxiing, taking off and landing (where flight safety regulations permit).

BULGARIAAir Force (223)

Cancelled due to international action

18th - 24th September (TBC)

It’s been too long since we last visited the Bulgarian Air Force and we shouldn’t leave it any longer. They currently have 2 fabulous, classical Soviet aircraft in their inventory - but for how long? The very rare Su-25 (pictured above) and the big, noisy beast that is the MiG-29!


We will be requesting visits to all their main airbases: Sofia, Graf Ignatievo, Plovdiv/Krumovo, Bezmer and Dolna Mitropolia to photograph and/or log all aircraft: be they parked, taxiing, landing, taking off or in storage/wfu.


In Plovdiv we also look around the large collection of mainly military aircraft in the Museum of Aviation.


Currently, as of October 2021, there is a caretaker government governing Bulgaria, pending a general election.  We have been informed that until the new government is in office, any decision taken now by the Ministry of Defence could be changed after the election. March could be the earliest for a yes or a no.  However, if you are interested you can book your place on the tour now: no deposit will be taken until the base visits are confirmed and you have re-confirmed your booking.


28th September - 4th October

Looking to go somewhere completely different?  Then Greenland is THE place.  Many of you will have looked down on it as you flew en-route to or from the USA or Canada, but now there is the opportunity to see this beautiful country from ground level.


We understand that we will be the first ever group of aviation enthusiasts and photographers to be allowed access to the 2 main airports: Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk. The former is the international airport and the latter is Air Greenland’s maintenance facility. Our airport visits have been approved by the Greenland Airports Authority.


Pictured above is Air Greenland’s Airbus A330 about to land at Kangerlussuaq Airport - click here to join the flight.


As of October 2021, the airline operates a fleet of 26 aircraft, including long-haul type for transatlantic and charter flights, 8 fixed-wing aircraft primarily serving the domestic network, and 18 helicopters feeding passengers from the smaller communities into the domestic airport network. There is: 1 Airbus A330-200, 1 B200 King Air, 7 De Havilland Canada DHC-8-200s, 7 Bell 212s, 9 Eurocopter AS350s and 2 Sikorsky S-61s.We believe that one of the Sikorsky’s is based in Kangerlussuak in the SAR role; if so, we will definitely be enquiring if there is a possibility of a flight.


Not the biggest fleet in the world, so it’s not quantity but quality – and rarity. Air Greenland’s fleet doesn’t come to the UK so you have to go to there to see them.

BULGARIAWrecks & Relics (222)

9th - 18th October (TBC)

It’s several years since we did a ‘wrecks and relics’ tour to Bulgaria; it was a tremendous success and we have received many requests to repeat it – or do something similar. Ivo, our Bulgarian born Tour Manager, has used the knowledge of his homeland and aviation to offer a second, different round-the-country tour of this beautiful and little-known country in Europe.


There are more than 280 preserved aircraft on display around the country and Ivo, our Bulgarian Tour Manager, reckons you will get to see about 90% of them!


16th October is Air Force Day and we will change the itinerary to go to a base hosting an airshow or open day.


This is a great tour for the more eclectic enthusiast, who does not mind mixing ‘aviation’ with some ‘sightseeing’. It has been put together specifically to maximize the rich aviation history of Bulgaria, with plenty of rare and unique aircraft to log and photograph. It’s a great way to get to see the best of this largely undiscovered country and, a perfect tour on which to bring your spouse.

75th Anniversary of the US Air Force (221)

3rd - 8th November

No Covid entry requirements needed!

A long weekend to Nellis AFB, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada to attend both days of the “75th Anniversary of the US Air Force Airshow”.

Plus the Friday ‘arrivals day’.

The 18th September 2022 is the actual anniversary but we have been informed that the USAF’s official airshow will be on the 5th and 6th November on Nellis AFB.

It's worth noting that the USAF’s 50th Anniversary Airshow was also held on Nellis. It was a very popular event – there were 454 enthusiasts in the group!

I suspect we won’t get that many this time around.

On the Friday, usually an ‘airshow arrivals and rehearsal day’, we spend the whole day off-base, on Las Vegas Boulevard North near the Speedway circuit, and/or at the end of East Cheyenne Avenue – depending on the direction of landing traffic.


Based at Nellis is the USAF aerobatic team The Thunderbirds which participates in the flying programme: it’s the last performance of their airshow calendar.




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